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WHS Renovation
Plan to Renovate old WHS buildings

The idea has been floating around for at least twenty years. Turn the old WHS campus into a park and renovate the standing brick building so that they could be used by the community and host WHS memorabilia. Well, the Dolomite-Westfield Park was dedicated in July 2001, but building renovation was not part of it. Since about 2005, the idea of building renovation has been gaining steam, spearheaded by Alfred Thomas, Dolomite Community President (and a Westfieldian) and Murray Morrow of the Birmingham Chapter (with the Chapter's full backing). Here is the latest news.

8 August 2009 - At the Executive Board Meeting at the 2009 WHSAA Reunion in New York, Murray Morrow reported on the status of the Westfield High School Restoration Project.

  • Phase II of the project has been revised by the City of Birmingham with a new budget totaling $600,000. This is to cover improvements at both the Lewis Street Park and the park on the WHS site on Tin Mill Road.
  • Lewis Street:
    • Install a new water line to serve the park
    • Construct new toilet facilities
    • Add a new asphalt seal to existing walking track
    • Repair existing lighting on walking track
  • Tin Mill Road:
    • One of the existing buildings will be renovated for use by the Dolomite Neighborhood and the Westfield High School Alumni Association. This include exterior as well as interior modifications.
    • The second building's exterior only will be renovated.
    • It is proposed to beautify around the two buildings will include flowers and a walkway from the existing parking lot. No timeline was given.
  • The Birmingham Chapter is positioning itself to conduct a national fundraising event to help the project. (Includes obtaining non-profit status, revising their by-laws, increasing yearly dues, offering lifetime memberships, writing national and state financial proposals, and appealing to Alumni Chapters and active WHS classes.) The goal is to have enough funds on hand to help with other decorations and to cover unforeseen costs. Birmingham request that everyone help locate WHS artifacts and other memorabilia.

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